Saunaan Syntynyt

Born into the Sauna - 2018

Parta (Teuvo Mecklin) lives in Pispala, a district of the city Tampere in Finland. He is now 83 years old and was born in a Sauna. In Finland people were born in the sauna until mid-20th century, until hospitals recognised the importance of sterilisation. His regular sauna sessions are an integral part of his live. Two times a week, every Wednesday and Saturday, he is heating the Sauna in his garden. While preparing the Sauna and during a later bath he is telling his story and giving insight in his personal memories, his sauna ritual, his relation with the sauna and the value it has in his daily life. Sauna is a spiritual place for him deeply rooted in finish culture. He was not only born in a Sauna, but also into the Sauna culture itself.  

 © Alexander Markus Lembke 2019
Artist / Sauna Classicist / Independent Photography Professional

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