Saunalle johtava polku

The path to the Sauna - 2012

I will never forget the first time when I was visiting Olli and Tuula-Marja Klemola and their magical smoke Sauna deep in the woods. A friend of mine and I arrived late in the afternoon that day and it was already dark. Olli had spent quite some time to heat up the huge stove and to prepare everything before our arrival. So we were heading straight into the Sauna and once inside a warm and timeless darkness was waiting for us. Thick layers of soot were surrounding everything and the whole place was only illuminated by a pale orange glow that came from a few candles next to the window. We continued telling stories for hours and were enjoying the sweet scent of old wood, smoke and uncounted years. On a second visit to Ollis place I asked him about the relationship to his sauna. He did not reveal all of his secrets, but the ancient rites of sauna are still going strong. 

 © Alexander Markus Lembke 2019
Artist / Sauna Classicist / Independent Photography Professional

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