Independence Day Sauna at Mildred’s Lane – 2012

Bauhaussauna Society Performance
Bauhaus-Sauna Society Vice President Felix Sattler felt honoured and excitited to host a very special American event on July 4, 2012:

Celebrating Independence Day in a Sauna!

The course of events took off with a ceremonial lecture on the Sauna & Wild Technology at the notorious shed, were soon-to-be Sauna disciples were introduced to the Society’s practice and to the scent of Terva.

 At the nearby valley, a very much site-specific, heavy-duty Kiuas was improvised from scrap metal and other found objects, while stones were taken from the local riverbed. It was set ablaze for solid 3 1/2 hours until the fire was extinguished and a makeshift tent was placed over the igneous stones ready to deliver the finest of North American Löyly.
Obviously, exiting the 194° F Bauhaus Sauna, 104° F outside temperature felt just relaxing to the participants who were set to cool it off in a natural pool next to the tent.

>>> Mildred’s Lane
Images: Felix Sattler

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