Bauhaus Sauna Society


1. Communication

From Transpiration to Inspiration

The Bauhaus Sauna Society is both a social practice and research collective. It is dedicated to the heritage of the Bauhaus reform movement as much as to to the history and current reality of Finnish Sauna culture.

Since its ignition during the ceremonial act »90 Years Staatliches Bauhaus« at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2009 (founding fathers Alexander Lembke, Felix Sattler), the Bauhaus Sauna Society has served as a melting point and unifying force for people from all over the world.

The Bauhaus Sauna Society counts among its members artists, teachers, media theorists, curators and the finest gentlewomen and gentlemen. Inspired by Walter Gropius original vision of bringing artists and craftsmen from each trade together to change the future of the world the Bauhaus Sauna Society is a firm believer that the Sauna provides a form of social communication and melts away differences.
The »Bauhütte« provided a metaphoric point of origin for the Bauhaus as a condensed space of low hierarchies and interdisciplinary exchange. Much alike, the Sauna’s »Löyly« (Finnish: »steam« but also »atmosphere«) is a medium to evaporate unnecessary etiquette in favor of naked truths.

2. Education

Bauhaus and The Sauna Master

At the Bauhaus artists from each trade became Master Instructors to teach, motivate and inspire students. The Sauna Masters of the Bauhaus Sauna Society aspire to the research of Sauna culture and the ideal that it is vital to preserve this island of primordial human interaction with nature and temperature.

Therefore the Bauhaus Sauna Society provides competent access to its resources including mobile Saunas and building expertise. But the most important resource available to those who join the Bauhaus Sauna Society is fellowship with other members—an inspiring pool of expert knowledge in Sauna and Wild Technology. 

The Bauhaus Sauna Society promotes public interest in Sauna culture and Sauna history through its lectures program, publications, Sauna performances, exhibitions and other events. Furthermore an ever-growing Sauna library and Sauna xylotheque and a tools of the trade room provide assistance to those interested in Sauna culture.


3. Recreation

Sauna, A Sacred Place & Social Medium

We are ready to welcome in our hot chambers of steam everyone who is interested in networking and sharing. There is no better place to experience a truly anti-virtual moment. Follow your instinct and gather around the ancient fire in a Sauna.

Our renowned Sauna recreation performances honor achievements in withstanding our Bauhaus Sauna Society’s special – a deep, rich in oxygen, melow and longlasting Löyly. We promise a positive attitude adjustment for research, creativity and a mental escape from the daily grind. We consider the Sauna to offer an alternative draft and down-to-earth, anti-virtual moment.

Our Saunas are heated up in backyards and rooftops, on lakeshores and on mountain tops – any site can become a Bauhaus Sauna Society site. But our headquarter remains hidden at a secret location in the wilderness and can not be found except by those who have sacrificed to the demons of steam.

Ladies and gentlemen … Welcome to the world of Bauhaus Sauna Society! Get refreshed in great company!

Alexander Markus Lembke – Presdient
Felix Sattler – Vice President

 © Alexander Markus Lembke 2021
Artist / Sauna Classicist / Independent Photography Professional
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