Saunassa Syntyneet - Portraits

Born in the sauna – between 6 and 103 years old

After several months of research and preparation, in the summer of 2017 I set out on a journey across Finland to find and interview people who were born in the sauna. The portraits of these people were taken as part of the project »Saunassa Syntyneet« in the Tampere region, Karelia and in Helsinki. It was a long journey and often the roads led to nowhere. However, I always found an old beautiful sauna at the end of the road, heard wonderful stories and met open-hearted people who shared with me the memories of their childhood.

They all welcomed me and told me about their past and their personal relationship with the sauna in which they were born. With few exceptions, the saunas where these people were born still exist. The portraits shown here are only a selection of the photographs I took. In addition, I have also made film recordings which I will use for a film in the future.

Thank you all!

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